Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Now introducing the YJ Frameless Trail Top!

     By now you've most likely seen the Rampage Products Frameless Trail top for the 1997 - 2006 TJ Wranglers and for the 2004 - 2006 LJ Unlimited Wranglers. With the PATENTED Dual Panel Storage system and unique design, these tops have been a hit. Rampage Products is now pleased to announce that we are expanding the line even further! We've been getting a lot of great feed back from the YJ Wrangler community and have decided to give the people what they want.

     Introducing the Rampage Products Frameless Trail Top for 1992 - 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJs with half steel doors.

     The Rampage Frameless Trail Tops install over the original equipment factory roll bar for a snug fit without the need for additional bows or support hardware. This unique design allows for larger side windows and improved visibility with removable side and rear windows that quickly convert the soft top into an open Safari top. Windows use heavy duty molded tooth zippers and are easily replaced or removed and stored in a special separation panel between the ceiling and roof top which is concealed and protects the windows from scratches or puncture. The fastback style offers improved aerodynamics and a quieter ride than factory bow style tops. 

All Rampage Products Frameless Trail Tops Feature:
•          Factory grade materials & colors
•          DOT Compliant Windows with privacy tint           
•          Weatherproof – Attaches to factory belt rail system and features Heat Sealed Seams & Windows with Marine grade molded tooth zippers
•          Replaceable Components including side & rear windows with heavy duty molded tooth zippers – optional front window frames and Door Skins
•          Exclusive Rampage interior storage pockets for both driver & passenger


     Full Top converts to Summer Safari Top with removal of side and rear windows that can be stored in the PATENTED Dual-Panel top section. Unique Trail Top installs over factory roll bar and attaches to original equipment mount points (windshield channel and belt rail system), without the need for bulky factory framework. The Rampage YJ Soft Top also includes matching fabric upper door skins, door surrounds for snug fit around the doors and top panel side seams with rigid rails that maintain tension and reduced flutter, plus, Rampage PATENTED anti-puddle support poles for improved water runoff.

Application                                                                                             Part #
92-95 Wrangler Black Diamond w/Door Skins &Tinted Windows                    109435

     These tops are in production now and we expect them to be available to ship in December for the Holiday season. Get your pre-orders in now with your favorite Jeep and Off Road accessory retailers! 


  1. if all we have is the stock frame that covers the roll bars what extra is needed to install the top because from what i can see on the video is a tj model and i have a yj which looks nothing like what the tj has on it in the video

  2. If you have the stock soft top framing, you have the pieces you'd need that don't come in the kit. Main pieces you need are:
    Header channel
    Tailgate bar
    Tub rail channels
    Windshield Uprights (screws to the windshield on each side, has the plastic nub the door surround hooks to)

    If there's anything else, please call us at (951)277-4949 or email me directly at jakeh@rampageproducts.net Thank you!

  3. What is the door surround made of that comes with the kit? Is it the 1" square tubing that Ive seen with other kits or something a bit more aesthetically pleasing?

  4. Hello! The door surrounds for this top are just like the factory door surrounds are. They are a flat sheet stock steel bent into a particular recessed style shape for the doors to close into and not a square tube.

  5. Excuse me, why the exclusion of the jeep 1990 frOm the list? it´s not posibly to aply the top to the jeep ('90)?

    1. Hello! 1987-1991 Jeep Wrangler YJs are omitted due to the roll bar they have. The factory roll bar for those years is called a "Sport Bar" and has one main hoop with two short legs that drop directly to the wheel well. The 1992-1995 YJs have a "Family Bar" cage, which we use to support the soft top.

  6. Is the yj frameless top available without door skins and frames? I have slider windows that I love, and would prefer to use those.

    1. Hello! The YJ Frameless is not available without the door skins. If your current upper half door sliders have the right square corner profile, you'll be able to use them with the new top and just have a couple extra pieces from the kit.

    2. Ah, ok. I notice the TJ top doesn't include uppers and wondered if that accounts for the large difference in price between the YJ and TJ tops. I can afford the TJ top, but the YJ model is out of my range at the moment...

    3. That is part of it, the YJ top also includes the needed door surrounds to install the top and windows whereas the TJ is designed to use pre-existing TJ specific door surrounds.

    4. That makes sense. Got to keep saving...
      Ever sell blemished tops or seconds?

  7. is the installation of the door surrounds essential to the rest of the top? I cant seem to get them installed...

  8. I'm looking at getting one of these tops and I've noticed that the tis need these door surround things. i have a yj with the two piece sliding glass top half doors and am wondering what that is gonna look like for me... I've never even seen yj door surrounds. is this going to be an issue or will it work fine and still be a snug no leak fit?

  9. Hi Riley,

    The Door Surrounds come with the Frameless Top (#109435). The Top should fit your Top Sliders if you have square corners. They won't fit round corners though.