Thursday, October 1, 2015

Visit Rampage Products at the 2015 SEMA Show

The SEMA Show is the pulse of the automotive aftermarket. It features 2,300 exhibitors, 60,000 buyers, 3,000 members of the media, and has an overall attendance of more than 135,000—and it's right around the corner. The show runs November 3–6 in Las Vegas, and it's open to the trade only.

As Rampage Products is now part of the Lund International family of brands, we will be with Lund International, located in Upper South Hall, booth number 31027. We'll be there along with our other brands including AMP Research, AVS, BushwackerLUND, Stampede, and TonnoPro.

If you're going to be at the show, be sure and stop by to see the latest new products from Rampage Products and our new, innovative accessories from all of the above-mentioned brands as well. Our booth hours are 9–5, Tuesday though Thursday, and 9–4 on Friday. We hope to see you in Vegas!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Patriot Series - New US Made Running Boards from Rampage Products

Patriot Series - New US Made Running Boards 
from Rampage Products

Rampage Products Patriot Running Boards installed on a 2010 Dodge Ram Crew Cab

        Rampage Products introduces a new style Running Board that is 100% US Made from the full length step pad on top to the powder-coated galvanized steel brackets underneath. We are proud to introduce an expansion of our Streamline Running Board program that now includes 3 sizes of OEM Styling Boards. Our new Boards are called Patriot and are made from one piece enclosed construction for added strength and feature a flush mounted non slip full length step pad on  the top of the board. The proprietary pad will never fade or fall off. The OEM quality of the board will give you superior styling and long lasting quality unmatched in Running Boards and Step Bars today. Best Value running boards available! 

3 Sizes fit 90% of Trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps.

2 finishes - Black or OE Silver compliment any vehicle

Powdercoated brackets are vehicle specific and sold separately.

Ready to Install right out of the box

Proudly Made in  the USA  

Rampage Products Patriot Running Board

Rampage Products Patriot Running Board

Monday, January 16, 2012

       Check out this picture submitted by one of our loyal fans! She has installed the brand-spankin' new YJ Frameless top (part number 109435) on her Jeep and it looks incredible!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Now introducing the YJ Frameless Trail Top!

     By now you've most likely seen the Rampage Products Frameless Trail top for the 1997 - 2006 TJ Wranglers and for the 2004 - 2006 LJ Unlimited Wranglers. With the PATENTED Dual Panel Storage system and unique design, these tops have been a hit. Rampage Products is now pleased to announce that we are expanding the line even further! We've been getting a lot of great feed back from the YJ Wrangler community and have decided to give the people what they want.

     Introducing the Rampage Products Frameless Trail Top for 1992 - 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJs with half steel doors.

     The Rampage Frameless Trail Tops install over the original equipment factory roll bar for a snug fit without the need for additional bows or support hardware. This unique design allows for larger side windows and improved visibility with removable side and rear windows that quickly convert the soft top into an open Safari top. Windows use heavy duty molded tooth zippers and are easily replaced or removed and stored in a special separation panel between the ceiling and roof top which is concealed and protects the windows from scratches or puncture. The fastback style offers improved aerodynamics and a quieter ride than factory bow style tops. 

All Rampage Products Frameless Trail Tops Feature:
•          Factory grade materials & colors
•          DOT Compliant Windows with privacy tint           
•          Weatherproof – Attaches to factory belt rail system and features Heat Sealed Seams & Windows with Marine grade molded tooth zippers
•          Replaceable Components including side & rear windows with heavy duty molded tooth zippers – optional front window frames and Door Skins
•          Exclusive Rampage interior storage pockets for both driver & passenger


     Full Top converts to Summer Safari Top with removal of side and rear windows that can be stored in the PATENTED Dual-Panel top section. Unique Trail Top installs over factory roll bar and attaches to original equipment mount points (windshield channel and belt rail system), without the need for bulky factory framework. The Rampage YJ Soft Top also includes matching fabric upper door skins, door surrounds for snug fit around the doors and top panel side seams with rigid rails that maintain tension and reduced flutter, plus, Rampage PATENTED anti-puddle support poles for improved water runoff.

Application                                                                                             Part #
92-95 Wrangler Black Diamond w/Door Skins &Tinted Windows                    109435

     These tops are in production now and we expect them to be available to ship in December for the Holiday season. Get your pre-orders in now with your favorite Jeep and Off Road accessory retailers! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Jeep Quotes!

Here are some Random Jeep quotes, for your enjoyment!

Jeep is America's only real sports car" -Enzo Ferrari – BTW, the same year Carroll Shelby entered Le Mans.

Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines. -Enzo Ferrari

"When I Die, Bury me in my JEEP. 'Cause it's never been in a hole it couldn't get out of!"

"If its not leaking, it must be empty!"

"Your ricers not so fast with a Jeep on it"

Corvette. Zero to sixty? 3.4 seconds, Jeep. Zero to sixty? Yes.

Water covers 3/4 of the earth, Jeeps cover the rest.

A faster winch means more time at the top heckling your friends.

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You use a hose to clean the inside and the outside

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You determine that the best route from Point A to Point B is through a rock pile or over a mountain

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You call a scratch or a dent, a beauty mark

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You roll it over and don't get upset

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You judge every hill you see by how much fun it would be to climb

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You get custom pin-striping from trail brush

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You pull into the unplowed parking spots on snowy days

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You've been forced to add TJ, CJ, YJ, XJ, and MJ to your spell-checker

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If Your Nerf bars battle rocks and win

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You use an ice-scraper on the inside of the windshield

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You fix almost everything yourself

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You slam the door and chunks of dried mud crumble to the ground

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You are the only one on the street who doesn't plow their driveway

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You can't hear your $200 stereo over the howl of your tires on the highway

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You have a high-water mark INSIDE the Jeep

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You plan your wedding around the Club's trail ride schedule

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You save broken Jeep parts as "momentos" AND you know the exact story behind every one

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You can't take a girl, who's wearing a dress, on a date without carrying along a set of steps

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If Your garage holds more Jeeps than your house has bedrooms

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You carry along enough tools to supply a small garage

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You nickname your Jeep after the noises it makes or it's most damaging trail accident

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You carry along a replacement part for every drive component on the Jeep

You Know You Have A Real Jeep If You're constantly getting passed on the highway 

Friday, May 27, 2011

The NEW Heavy Duty Recovery Bumper!

       Rampage Products is proud to introduce a new addition to our Recovery Bumper line. The Heavy Duty Recovery Bumper is part number 78615, is built for the 1987 - 2006 Jeep Wrangler YJs and TJs (will fit on CJs; drilling required), comes in black texture coat and the biggest feature of this bumper is the hinge. The hinge is built to emulate a truck wheel spindle and uses heavy duty roller bearings and automotive style seals to provide an incredibly strong swivel to support your heavy off road wheel and tire package. The bumpers are set up for you to install a set of our 4" round fog or driving lights for extra illumination at the back end of your rig.

      These bumpers are in stock and shipping already. Find yours at your local Jeep or Truck Shop!

The final assembled unit

The bearing assembly in an exploded view